I want to hide the Newsfeed and Sites links in the navigation bar, and add another link. How can this be done?

I'm using SharePoint 2013 and can use SharePoint Designer 2013

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Using SharePoint Designer

  1. Open Site in the SharePoint designer

  2. Open the seattle master page and delete the following text

    SharePoint:DelegateControl id="ID_SuiteLinksDelegate" ID_SuiteLinksDelegate/>

Make sure you have copy of the seattle master page before performing this action

Using CSS

For NewsFeed:

#suiteLinksBox .ms-core-suiteLink-a[id$='ShellNewsfeed'] {
    display: none;

For Sites:

#suiteLinksBox .ms-core-suiteLink-a[id$='ShellSites'] {
    display: none;


Adding new link

Locate the text: id="DeltaSuiteLinks" and add the below code just below the DeltaSuiteLinks tag to add link to suite bar of SharePoint 2013

<span id="CustomerSupport" class="ms-core-suiteLink">
    <a class="ms-core-suiteLink-a" href="<a class="vglnk" href="http://support.crescent.com" rel="nofollow"><span>http</span><span>://</span><span>support</span><span>.</span><span>crescent</span><span>.</span><span>com</span></a>">
      <asp:Label ID="lblCS" runat="server" Text="Customer Support"></asp:Label>


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