I want to plug in a formula into SharePoint Designer to auto calculate the due date by priority. We have a [Priority Level] field of Critical, High, Med and Low. The TAT Guidelines are as follows:

  • Critical = 24 hour
  • High = 5 days
  • Med = 10 days
  • Low = 15 days

What formula do I need to add to calculate the date to automatically enter into our [Due Date] field?

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You create a 2013 workflow for this calculation and update the value in Due date field to display in the view rather than doing it in SharePoint designer

  1. Create a List workflow using SharePoint 2013 designer( Select 2013 workflow in drop down)
  2. it open workflow editor look like below image.
  3. Keep the If condition in that if condition

    • add time to date and Update list item actions as shown in below picture

      enter image description here enter image description here

  4. After that you can add multiple else if condition in the workflow editor it looks like the complete all 4 conditions

enter image description here 5. Select the Start workflow automatically when item created and updates as shown in below picture

enter image description here

  1. Finally save and publish the workflow and it will work as you expected. now add the task in task list and check the due date on your page.

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