I would like to know if there is a way to modify the output of page fields in SharePoint 2013 from within a snippet or within the page layout.

  • I have a field of type Hyperlink or Picture.
  • I want to simply get only the URL with no formatting.
  • I cannot do this client-side. It is to populate an OG:image meta tag and as such it must be included in the HTML response.
  • I want to do it in the page layout for one particular type of page on my site and not site-wide.

From the snippet editor I see a bunch of template fields, but no idea how to supply the templates.

I did find the control template but that appeared to only be for the edit mode of the control.

I tried adding my hyperlink or picture column directly to the page layout using the code below:

<!--MS:<PageFieldFieldValue:FieldValue FieldName="Thumbnail" runat="server">-->

This produces the following output:

<a href="http://[my site url]/public/news/PublishingImages/bills-1.jpg">The Energy Information Administration is forecasting a slight rise in electricity prices in 2017.</a>

What I would like to get as output is:

http://[my site url]/public/news/PublishingImages/bills-1.jpg

How do I affect the READ mode of the output or specify only the URL portion of my Thumbnail column?

Alternatively, can I somehow format the data within the page layout if I don't have code-behind?

I'm stumped as to how to do this.

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