I am facing problem getting data from another list. Can anyone guide me. Well I have 3 list name for my inventorysystem. 1)Product Type 2)Stocks 3)Store Request

Product Type : Product Name (Single Line Text)

Stock : Product Name(Lookup from Product Type), Quantity Purchased(Number), Quantity Used(Number), Remaining Stock(Calculation based on other column-Number).

Store Request : Items (Lookup from Product Type), Qty(Number)

Variable VStrchk is number

2013 Workflow is in Store request

Well my problem is in workflow. I want to check the stock availability. And if found request qty is larger then remaining stock, then email storekeeper. But Variable VStrchk throw zero.

Kindly suggest what is wrong in my below workflow. Any help would be great [![Condition Check][1]][1]

Lookup Check

Stage: stock Check Set Variable: VStrchk to Stock:Remaining Stock if CurrentItem:Qty is greater than Variable: VStrchk Email: CurrentItem:

Field Data to Retrive Data Soruce: Stock Field from Source: Remaining Stock Return field as: As Double Fild the list item Field: ID Value: Current Items: Items

lookup for integer Data source: Current Item Field from source: Items Return field as: Lookup ID(as integer)

I even tried where product name = Items; but still same result ZERO. Any expert there who can throw lights on this issues.
enter image description here

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Problem is resolved: I created new sub-site and start whole process from zero. workflow logic is same what i posted in 1st. It's really amazing.. Hope later it won't create similar problem again. Thank you!

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