Let's say I have 2 items in a list. If I add a new calculated column with following code then it correctly displays hyperlink against those two items.

="<a href='http://sharepoint2016/sites/somesite/Pages/Default.aspx?k="&ID&"'>Some Link</a>";

This is how the link is displayed (just showing you URL that you see on hover):



Problem is if I add new item from now on, after calculated column is created then it doesn't display ID of new item. It shows up like this:


Unless I edit that list column and simply press OK to save it then it starts displaying ID for the newly added item correctly.

How to fix this issue?


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Without a workflow

The ID is available in Table-Row HTML, so get that when you click the link:

="<a onclick=""{"   
&"var TR=this;while(TR.tagName!='TR'){TR=TR.parentNode}"    
&"var ID=TR.id.split(',')[1];"  
&"}"">Some Link"    


This trick adds script to every item, so you want it as short as possible.

Since all SharePoint libraries have loaded by the time a user clicks,
you can use the SharePoint GetAncestor function:

="<a target=_blank "
&" onclick=""{"
&"  document.location='[your url]?k='+GetAncestor(this,'TR').id.split(',')[1];"
&"}"">Some Link"

The ID doesn't exist when the calculated column is calculated because the ID isn't generated until a new item is first saved. The easiest solution is to use a workflow that runs when new items are created to simply immediately edit the item (just log the reason in a comments field, if nothing else).

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