Trying to make an app for local sharepoint login and access sharepoint list data in IOS app. I have try to login and pass parameter as username and password but give error 401 unauthorized. I tried to login. Only one response send 401 unauthorized by server. Please help me.

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You problem of 401 is an authentification problem.

You need to use REST API and OData of SharePoint (hope you are in 2013). And do all you stuff with this API (authentification, query list ...). There is not API in IOS for SharePoint.

Have a look at this topic in the MSDN who explain how to do that : Build mobile apps for other platforms using SharePoint 2013

Or check this exemple from codeproject : Development of iPhone client application for SharePoint 2013

I'm not a IOS dev, so I will not past.

Hope this exemple will help you

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