I am currently making some updates to an existing SharePoint 2010 site used by my company as the Intranet.

The site structure is as follows:

  • Parent Site
    • Subsite A
      • Subsite B

Currently, when I edit a page on Subsite A, I can see a particular custom Web part listed in the Web part Gallery but when I go to edit a page on Subsite B, I do not see that Web part in the Web part gallery.

My question is: how do I make a Web part available in the Subsite A gallery also available in Subsite B gallery?


You should check if the site features page of your subsite B contains the web part feature and activate it if it is not activated. The url is subsiteB/_layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx. The link for the page is located in Site settings -> Site Actions -> Manage site features

You can read more about feature scopes here.

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  • Thanks for the quick response - I will check this tomorrow when I get into work! – James Duffield Mar 2 '17 at 23:13

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