I'm running 2 database that share information. Main Dbase is "Requests" and runs my workflow. The second Dbase is "Funding". I need to export the "Estimated Cost" from the Request Dbase and ADD it to the "Estimated Costs" in my Funding Dbase for a running total. There are 5 different areas with 3 Request Types each. So I need something like

  • If List item [Area] = X
  • and List item [Request Type] = Y
  • THEN Export List item [Export Cost] to "Funding"

And this is where I'm stuck. How do I get the cost to go to the right Area/Request Type record? I also need to ADD it to what's there and not just replace it.


It should look something like.

Start when new items added

Set workflow variable X equal to (get data from funding DBase where area = item.area and type = item.type)

Do calculation workflow variable X plus item.amount write to variable Y

Set field in other list to Y (where area = item.area and type = item.type)

You may need to have a calculated field on both lists that does a combination of Area/Type so that you can single field match it in the workflow.

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