I set up a new project using the yeoman template for SharePoint Framework web parts. Everything is working fine, I can run gulp serve and work in the local workbench. Good.

Now I need to change the TypeScript version. When running gulp serve the console is showing:

[09:12:38] [typescript] TypeScript version: 2.1.6

Where does this version come from? How can I bump this to 2.2.x?

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The mystery is solved. The typescript version is pulled in by tslint and in turn by the internal gulp-related typescript.

The output of "TypeScript version: 2.1.6" happens when the tslint task starts a typescript compilation:

enter image description here

Looking at the "package.json" in "node_modules/@microsoft/sp-tslint-rules" I can see this typescript dependency:

"@microsoft/gulp-core-build-typescript": ">=2.2.5 <3.0.0",

Now looking in "package.json" of "gulp-core-build-typescript" I see this typescript dependency:

"typescript": "~2.1.4"

This means: the highest typescript version starting with "2.1" will be used.

Looking at the available typescript versions shows "2.1.6" as being the highest one available:

npm view typescript versions --json

enter image description here

So that's why the version is 2.1.6. And since it's part of a chain of packages working together I won't touch it.

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