I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the following.

I've currently been working on an application and using CSOM to get information/data from SharePoint. This works without any problems using Network Credentials to authenticate and the web application has the following enabled enter image description here

In a typical scenario or company setup will this be enabled on for example My Sites/OneDrive and Team Sites? Would this be enabled for users say on the company domain/network and if needed to be accessed off the company network extended into the extranet zone with Forms authentication.

One test case I have come across is that I have setup a web application with just Forms based authentication. The provider being AD/LDAP. Currently this would not work with my application as I'm using Network credentials.

I was looking to advise users to extend the application with 'Integrated WIndows Authentication' so this application can read data etc.

Any advice is much appreciated and thanks in advance.

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To answer your question from my experience, yes most companies opt for Windows Auth with NTLM. Some opt for Kerberos (and I steer them that way), which is faster/more secure. Others yet will go the SAML route, but that's on the rarer side of implementations.

You can have multiple authentication providers without extending a Web Application. And in fact, the Default Zone must have WIA enabled for Search.

  • Thanks, when you say you can have multiple authentication providers. I think I did test this. I had forms and WIA enabled. This would then give the a user an option to choose between Windows or forms is this correct? If so, does this often happen? I'm not familiar with 'typical setups' with in a company
    – Webfort
    Mar 1, 2017 at 15:56

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