When publishing news in a Group site it will showcase it under News (like this) what is the logic behind this?? enter image description here

In here it will publish only the news. Even if I create a page. It won't show there.

enter image description here

I need a code clarification.

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If you download both pages and inspect the contents, you will find that in the news page , you have PromotedState value as 2.

The contents in the news page are as below:

<mso:PromotedState msdt:dt="string">2.00000000000000</mso:PromotedState>

Where as in case of site page, its is as below:

<mso:PromotedState msdt:dt="string">0</mso:PromotedState>

Right now, you can only provision news page via the news list/news headlines webpart (not sure programmatically). If you create it via Site Contents > Site Pages, it will create a simple site page only which wont be visible inside news webpart since the PromotedState value is 0 in its case.

Reference - What makes a page to be a news page on SharePoint Online

Modern pages and news pages


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