Trying to delete a site collection and got this error when doing so

remove-spsite: the request could not be completed because the specified solution was not found

For some reason I couldn't delete it in GUI and powershell throws out this error.

  • Try to run the Get-SPSite to Returns all site collections.
  • Check if your site collection is already listed or not.
  • If it's already listed.
    • Make sure, you are running the SharePoint Management Shell as Administrator.
    • Make sure, the site collection URL has been provided successfully in the following command
Remove-SPSite -Identity "http://sitename" -GradualDelete -Confirm:$False

This is will remove the given site collection and all included sites by using GradualDelete; confirmation has been suppressed.

If the issue still exists, try to repair your Content Database as the following.

$db = Get-SPContentDatabase "Content_DB_Name";

If there is no issue the output should be <OrphanedObjects Count="0" /> If the count not equal to 0, then set the parameter to


Use $true if you want it to actually repair the database. $false will just list what it would repair.

  • thanks for that. does running db.repair takes the db offline? I have other sites that use the same content db and I want to know if it will have any effect on them? – dkorra Feb 27 '17 at 15:32
  • Furst tell me is the site collection is listed , regarding your question just run$db = Get-SPContentDatabase "Content_DB_Name"; then $db.Repair($false) this not takes the db offline, if the result was <OrphanedObjects Count="0" /> so there is no issue in DB and no need to run $db.Repair($true) $db.Update(); and the issue is related to anything else and try to check the log. – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP Feb 27 '17 at 19:46
  • Thank you. I run $db.Repair($false) and the result was <OrphanedObjects Count="1"/>. So if I run db.repair($true) will it have any effect on the database or any of my other site collections in the mean time? – dkorra Feb 28 '17 at 15:07

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