Is Sharepoint Designer 2013 compatible with Visio 2016?

I want to export a Workflow designed in SharePoint Designer 2013.

Thank you very much in advance


As a short answer, No,

To export to Visio, you need to use the version of Visio Professional that matches the version of SharePoint Designer that you're using.

So in your case, you should have Visio 2013 to can export a Workflow designed in SharePoint Designer 2013.


The issue mentioned here and in other threads are already a year old, and I was wondering if there was by now, perhaps a permanent solution like a patch by Microsoft?

I have a new laptop with Office2016 and I just realized that SPD2013 does not work with Visio2016.

Anyway, I cannot imagine that Microsoft would still advise (after the issue was communicated a year ago) to downgrade Visio to 2013 version. What is the workaround, patch or solution by Microsoft?

I am not keen to de-install Office2016 and downgrade, or get an older laptop with Office2013.

(Installing older Office versions on my new laptop with Office2016 is unfortunately not possible due to Company IT policies)

I hope Microsoft has a solution for this seriously frustrating problem.

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