I have a HTML project with lots of folders and files (.js,.html,.css,.png) and I was wondering if it would be easy to use Sharepoint as a webhost, without having to change the extensions to .aspx.

I'am not very experienced with Sharepoint. I usually use an Apache webserver for this purpose.

Does anyone has experience with this?

  • SharePoint draait bovenop een IIS server, dus vraag systeembeheer of je daarvan gebruik mag maken. Feb 23, 2017 at 17:24

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I don't know why you need to use SharePoint in this situation !, but if your goal is to show a page within your SharePoint Page, So you can use the Page Viewer Web Part to display a Web page, file, or folder on a SharePoint page.

In this case, you just need to

  • Create the default SharePoint pages then
  • Add the Page viewer web part and
  • Provide the URL of your page that you need to host within SharePoint.

To know how to use Page Viewer web part check Display a Web page on a SharePoint page by adding the Page Viewer Web Part

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