Everytime I deploy my custom Add-In to my SharePoint-Server it retracts and unistalls all the data including lists and stuff (in which I always need to fill in a bunch of data).

SharePoint even retracts everything if I just change a single line of code in a javascript file. Which shouldn't be a trigger for a whole retract.

Isn't the normal behaviour to push the new state of changes to the existing add-in if there are only changes on not-Feature-related files?

Why is SharePoint so annoying in this case?


You need to update the add-in instead of deploying it again, to not lose your changes.

Follow below links for more info:

  1. Update add-in web components
  2. Update host web components

Also, if you are using sharepoint hosted add-in, you can use Fast Deploy to deploy files like JS and CSS.

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