I have a document, let say xyz.doc. When I type xyz.doc in the search, the search result shows the xyz.doc. but how do I find the URL for the list/document library that this xyz.doc is in.

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    Right click the link and copy shortcut for the file url and hover and click View Library for the list/library url – Ransher Singh Feb 17 '17 at 16:49
  • Mr. Ransher Singh, what if the item is not searchable, but you just have the item name. How would one find the list/document library that it is in? – Aziz Qureshi Feb 17 '17 at 16:56
  • What you are asking is how to find if an item exists in Sharepoint Content DB and if so, what is the location? I don't know a good way other than run a complete Sharepoint content db inventory using powershell and then checking that result (script similar to what we use for precheck before migrations) – Ransher Singh Feb 17 '17 at 17:46

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