Can anyone provide me exact differences between enterprise mobility security multifactor authentication(MFA) VS O365 MFA ?

And also how check which users has what kind of mFA?


The Enterprise mobility security multifactor authentication is considered Azure Multi-Factor Authentication full version.

  • Azure Multi-Factor Authentication is a full version that offers the richest set of capabilities.

    • It provides additional configuration options via the Azure classic portal, advanced reporting, and support for a range of on-premises and cloud applications.

    • Comes as part of Azure Active Directory Premium and Enterprise Mobility Suite, and can be deployed either in the cloud or on premises.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 version works exclusively with Office 365 applications and is managed from the Office 365 portal. So administrators can now help secure their Office 365 resources with two-step verification. This version is part of an Office 365 subscription.

Differences between Azure Multi-Factor Authentication and Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

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To check the MFA Status for an Office 365 User?

User Office 365 PowerShell to run the following cmdlet.


$ThisUSer = Get-msoluser -UserPrincipalName "UserPrincipalName" | Select-Object -ExpandProperty StrongAuthenticationRequirements

For more Details check Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Thanks for the info. Do you where we can check O365 MFA under admin center? Do I need to navigate to active users and then check for any particular user and there I need to click on "Manage multifactor authentication" ? is this O365 MFA or else Azure MFA? – SharePointLearner8888 Feb 17 '17 at 15:42
  • your steps are correct, if you already enabled MFA in office 365 you can -Sign-in to the Office 365 Portal > Navigate to the Office 365 admin center > Select users and groups > Active Users >Manage multifactor authentication > here you can find list of users as display name, User name, Multi-Factor Authentication Status in this column you can check it's enabled or disabled , and it's O365 MFA version. – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP Feb 17 '17 at 15:59
  • Fantastic. Thank you for your time and info. Now I am clear about different MFA's – SharePointLearner8888 Feb 17 '17 at 18:20

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