Is it possible to create a custom field/property like the 'description' field using CSOM. I can see how fields can be added and updated per list item but not for the list itself.

I was hoping to add a hidden property/field and be able to update this like the 'description' field

Thanks in advance

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To set such a hidden property/field , you can use property bag. It can only be accessed via code and works like a key value pair.

To set property bag using CSOM, try below code:

List customList = context.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("CustomList");
PropertyValues listAllProperties = customList.RootFolder.Properties;
listAllProperties["SecretDescription"] = "Name of Dan Brown's upcoming novel is ...";

To retrieve it, you can use below code:

List customList = context.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("CustomList");
context.Load(customList, l => l.RootFolder.Properties);
var keyValue = customList.RootFolder.Properties["SecretDescription"];

Reference - Add meta properties to list


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