We are using SharePoint 2013 with SQL Server 2012 Single Farm. I have created one Root Site with some custom lists and libraries under some user groups in a Development Environment. I want to move these Root Site into Client's Production Server as a Sub Site which already contains Root site collection. My question is What is the best method to move these list and libraries without losing relations between tables. Backup/Restore or Export/Imports

Thanks in Advance

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Here this can be achieved using Export/Import-SPWeb Powershell Commands

  1. Export the Site Collection:

     Export-SPWeb -Identity http://sitecollection1/sites/asite -Path C:\backups\sc_asite.bak 

2.Create a New Site Collection and add a sub site to that and Import the Backup taken in the previous step.

Import-SPWeb http://sitecollection2/sites/bsite/csite  -Path c:\backups\sc_asite.bak

after this the new restored site collection can be accessed as a subsite from the url : http://sitecollection2/sites/bsite/csite

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