Due to SharePoint's 5000 item limit, I want to run an Excel VBA program to archive folders from a SharePoint "Active" Folder to another SharePoint Folder, called Completed.

The only solution I can find is to use the locally synced folders on a workstation and use FSO.MOVEFOLDER commands. This works to move the folder and its files.

Is this the best method or is there something better?



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This can be done easily using a SharePoint workflow (created with SharePoint Designer or by code, the below assumes designer).

The command you are looking for is

  • Copy item from this list to this list.

You will then want to delete the original item afterwards.

Once this is in place you will want this to run according to your logic. I recommend setting it to run after X time (i.e 6 months after last modified).

This can bee set using retention settings in your library.


You could also take a look at using Information Management Policy Settings to move data.

click library setting > Information management policy settings > Select a content type used within the library that you want to monitor. Enable Retention > Add a retention stage

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