I'm trying to learn how to deploy an SPFx clientSide webpart to an office 365 developer tenant site assets location.

I have specified the https://myTenant.sharepoint/siteAssets URL on the write.manifest.json CDN string.

I have run the gulp bundle --ship and the gulp package-solution commands and finally have loaded the webpart solution sppkg into the app catalog site but I do not see anything on the siteAssets library.

Ehen I try to add the webpart to a page, I get an error. I could not post the error as I don't have enough points to post the error contents.

What am I doing wrong and what is the correct gulp command sequence? Or has this command sequence been eliminated?


Really new to this too, but I followed the guide at https://dev.office.com/sharepoint/docs/spfx/web-parts/get-started/deploy-web-part-to-cdn yesterday but was using my own host as CDN, so this is how I think it works:

gulp package-solution does not package the js, css or other assets.

You need to upload those assets to a location of your choice.

That location you specify in cdnBasePath is used when you generate the webpart with gulp package-solution.

I did like this:

  • gulp --ship
  • uploaded the generated files from temp\deploy to a CDN (in your case upload to https://mytenant.sharepoint/siteAssets )
  • change the cdnBasePath to the URL of CDN
  • run: gulp bundle --ship & gulp package-solution --ship
  • Upload the new webpart solution sppkg to Sharepoint App again

Hope it works for you too.

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    Completely correct. As an added bonus, you should try out the public CDN feature - dev.office.com/blogs/… and set your "cdnBasePath": "publiccdn.sharepointonline.com/WhatYouUsedToHaveHere" where you basically prepend "publiccdn.sharepointonline.com" to the path. Works like a charm, but you have to wait 15 minutes after configuring it. Also, unless you access the js from a SharePoint URL, you will get a referrer error. – PatMill_MSFT Feb 17 '17 at 22:31

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