Setting up a military sharepoint, set up a form to allow soldiers to tell us if they have an issue (I.e. pay issue, legal, address change). But I need to hide this information from the other users because it could contain PII.

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Under Advanced Settings, you can select under Read access "Read items that were created by the user." People who should be able to see all replies need Manage List permissions.


You can filter list view with Created Column By [Me]

In this way the user adding data would be able to see data added by him and will not be able to view data added by others

How can create a view to filter the a list based on the current login user

If you need advanced version for filtering by group you can follow this link

Filtering by a group in a SharePoint Person or Group column


You can add SharePoint workflow on item addition that would impersonate the item and create Item level permission making your list item more secure.

You can use below reference: SharePoint workflow list item permission

  • This is sort of true. Other users' data would be hidden, but not secured. Usually that works for me, but with PII I prefer to secure rather than obscure. Using this method still allows me to create personal views where I could see everyone's data; you can disable personal views. I'd be able to get the contents of the entire list using scripting. And I could just guess IDs and add them to the URL string.
    – Erin L
    Commented Feb 14, 2017 at 14:00

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