I am working on a Team Site collection inside SharePoint on-premise 2013, and i have enabled the publishing infrastructure featres. now i want to add a Video inside my discussion board list, so i did the following:-

  1. create new Discussion board item.
  2. inside the Body field, i went to "Insert" >> "Video and audio" >> "From computer". i select a video named admin.mp4

enter image description here

so a new video named admin.mp4 was uploaded to the images library correctly.

  1. then i wanted to upload an updated version of this video, so i repeat the same steps , where i make sure that i have checked a check box named "Add new version to existing files".

  2. But now after i click on the "ok" to upload the new version of the video, the content type i will get will be "Video Rendition" instead of "Video".

enter image description here

And when i completed the upload process i have noticed that the original video which i have uploaded inside the images library is still on version 1, and i could not find where the new "Video Rendition" info is being stored ???

Can anyone adivce on this please?


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Videos are treated as a kind of document set within SP -- meaning that the "video" you see in the library is actually a folder and then the renditions are kept inside that "folder."

Here is some information about versioning document sets. When new content is uploaded to a document set, the set doesn't get a new version.

In your case the folder is called admin and the video itself lives inside admin/admin.mp4. If you Edit properties for your admin video. then click the This video's renditions drop down and click the Manage renditions link. You will see the list of renditions inside your admin folder. If you then click the ellipsis and select View history you should be able to see the history of the rendition.

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