One of my SP list has items over 55,000 when I try to export to excel it is retrieving only 52,000 records. Exactly which resource throttling settings we need to modify to retrieve 52,000 plus list items?

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Actually From SharePoint 2010 export to excel limit was followed and here the link to that explanation from TechNet. Also note that this setting is not configurable.


Screenshot from the above link


You did not write which SP version nor which Excel version. I fould this solution that might help

It turns out the query threshold is observed from Office 2010 (not sure about the 52k rows vs default 5000 rows in a view). If you increase the threshold in CA - web application's general settings/resource throttling, you will be able to export the whole list (of the max set in list view threshold (if above 52k). Make sure you re-set it back when done.


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