I have a workflow that assigns a task to approver whenever a new item is added to a list. I would like to limit permissions to the task list to make sure nobody makes any changes there except for the approvers. The problem is that when I do this, workflow doesn't seem to be able to assign the task to the approver. It assigns a task on behalf of the task originator (the person who added the item to the list) who doesn't have sufficient permissions for that. How can I empower the workflow to assign task for somebody who wouldn't be able to do so otherwise.

I am using SharePoint Online (Office 365)

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Yes it is possible using App Step. Please enable App Step for workflow.

Then add Assign task portion into App Steps So it is working as RunWithElevatedPrivileges in SharePoint Object Model.

Please follow below link for enable App Step



You do not specify which version of sharepoint you are using or if it is the online version. You should use the impersonation step which is a way to overcome the permission limit. It is inbuilt in the online version. It is still there I believe in the on premise version up to 2013 (not sure about 2016).

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