can anyone suggest me how to create a time sheet in share point online. My requirement is when we select a start date and end end date the total leave days has to been shown by subtracting start date from end date and then when a leave is approved by the manager then the approved leave has to subtracted from the Total leaves in a year and has to show the available leaves every time In new form


Step 1 : Create SharePoint Team Site and create Custom List with Title Employee Master. Also maintain Total Leaves to be credited for particular User in the same list

Step 2 : Create another custom list with title Leave Application . Provide Add Permission to every user to the list

Step 3 : Add Start Date and End Date column with type Date/Time and also add calculated column which calculates days between start date and end date. you can use this formula =IF(OR(ISBLANK([startDate]),ISBLANK([EndDate])),"",DATEDIF([StartDate],[EndDate],"D"))

Step 4 : Create approval workflow on the List which would send the applied leave for approval to respective managers fetched from AD

Step 5 : Provide New Item form of Leave Application for user to Apply for the leave.

Step 6: On approval you can subtract the amount of leave from the employee master.

Step 7 : You can also use CSOM and display to the user on New Form of Leave Application the amount of leave balance from Employee Master

And your job is done...

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