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Just want to ask on how to create a formula in infopath form? i mean i dont want to connect it to SP list since its taking too long to load (tried it)

So here's my scenario, I have a 2 values in dropdown list:

  1. Urgent Request

  2. Normal Request

I have a textbox beside the dropdown list.

When i select the Urgent Request - it should say "Urgent request needs approval"

When i select the Normal Request- it should say "Normal request is 1 day SLA" Is this possible?

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If I'm getting you right you want the user to pick up an option from a drop down field and based on their answer you want to alert them a message, right?

So you have a drop down field (DropDownField) and a text field (TextField)

I won't use a formula for this ,just set 2 action rules on the drop down field, you need the "set value rule" and add a condition

  1. when DropDownField equals Urgent Request set TextField "Urgent request needs approval"
  2. when DropDownField equals Normal Request set TextField "Normal request is 1 day SLA"

Just add two calculated value control above your drop downfield with the different messages and then create a formatting rule for them that goes:

If Dropdown is not equal to "Urgent Request" then hide this control.

If Dropdown is not equal to "Normal Request" then hide this control.

The calculated values will not create any extra space when hidden in your form, and they will not be added as columns to your SharePoint list.

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