I am trying to validate a 1 to 5 position column where allowable entries are notstrict text formatted and am getting the following error:

formula contains syntax error or is not supported. 

Trying to validate a column that can contain 1-5 positions:

  • Pos 1 contains numbers
  • Pos 2 can contain Cap letters, or numbers
  • Pos 3 can contain Cap Letters or space
  • Pos 4 can contain numbers or a space
  • Pos 5 can contain Cap Letters or numbers. E.g. ( must have format of #,##,##C,##C #,#C #,#C #C)

Example of what I have been trying

  • mid is not a supported operator Feb 7, 2017 at 18:46

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Eric wrote in the comments:

MID is not supported

Then I have had a very special SP since I started working with SP2003

=MID("Eric Alexander",6,4) returns Alex for me.

Eric is most likely confused with SUBSTR that does not exist in SP

All the Functions that do work in SP: https://365CSI.nl/functionlist

Yosko specifically needs to look at the AND/OR Functions to replace all those additions he now uses to fake boolean logic

((  CODE(MID(UPC,1,1))>47) + (CODE(MID(UPC,1,1))<58)  =2  )

then becomes

AND(  CODE(MID(UPC,1,1))>47 , CODE(MID(UPC,1,1))<58  )

Good thing is to built your Formulas step by step, you use CODE(MID(UPC,3,1)) 4 times.

Put it in its own Calculated Column 'Asc3'

So you can do

,IF( (Asc3=20) , ,+(Asc3=20) =1) ,((Asc3>64) +((Asc3<91) =2))

Hey! there is your failing syntax:


Thinking in Strings instead of ASCII codes

Here is what you get when you think "A Letter is a Letter when it occurs in a String"

Had to dust of my old CalcMaster tool I used on projects where we did loads of maintainable Formulas..

I start with 2 Strings of Capitals and Digits and then built it step by step

Once everything works the CalcMaster tool merges all Formulas together (Blue)

And your Formula should be

,ISNUMBER(FIND(MID(MyValue,4,1),"1234567890"&" "))


(Private tool) Building Calculated Formulas

screenshots shows a mix of Text/Boolean, SP is very lenient on types

Merged Formulas:

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