When I land on the Suggested / Featured sites page in Office 365, how can I see ALL the sites that I have permission to access? All I see are suggested and frequent but that's not a full list of my sites?


In the search box on top left corner in office 365 SharePoint home page, type "contentclass:STS_Site" and search. It will give you list of all site collections you have access to. If you need to see all site collection + subsites , search for " contentclass:STS_Site OR contentclass:STS_Web"


There are three options: Highlighted Content web part, Content Search web part, and the Search Results web part. Which web part to use depends on the total number of sites a user has access to (e.g. 20 total or 500+ total), the level of customization needed to display as desired, etc. View the comparison matrix I use when determining which to use at https://jennyssharepointtips.wordpress.com/2019/08/18/display-a-list-of-all-sites-a-user-can-access.

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