The problem:

I'm trying to publish 2013 workflow from sharepoint designer and have a error:

System.InvalidOperationException: Operation failed with error System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Попытка выполнить несанкционированную операцию. в Microsoft.SharePoint.SPAppPrincipalPermissionsManager.UpdateAppOnlyPolicy(SPAppPrincipalInfo appPrincipal, Boolean allowAppOnlyPolicy) в Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowServices.SPWebWorkflowSecurityContext.b__3() в Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSecurity.<>c__DisplayClass5.

With 2010 workflows all works.

Get this problem on one site, on all others all work fine.

Any advise to solve problem?

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Site actions > Site Settings > Site features > Workflows can use app permissions

User have full access to this site and have administrator access but SP says that there no permissions to deactivate/activate it.


already answered before:

Site actions > Site Settings > Site features > Workflows can use app permissions

SPD 2013 Workflow fails when started with System Account Credentials


By default, the workflow doesn’t have permissions to access the list where the Workflows generally run at permission level equivalent to write. In this case, you need to elevate Workflow permissions in SharePoint 2013 as the following:

For more details, Check my article with the detail steps at Elevate Workflow permissions in SharePoint 2013

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