I have an SharePoint hosted app with a list(test). On the Lists/test/AllItems.aspx is there a way to inject JavaScript file with referenc to thirds party Javascript files like datables etc .

Issue with JSLink When i use JSLINK i can format it but i can't

a) Inject a third party javascript file like datables

b) Inject a custom Javascript File to inject Navigation to the page.

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You can assign multiple files to the jslink property of the webpart. It can also be used to load on-crs javascript files like jquery. For example: ~sitecollection/style library/scripts/jQuery.js|~sitecollection/style library/scripts/my-csr-file.js


JSLinks on SPOnline can handle any https reference

I pulled this from working code.

    var field = web.get_availableFields().getByTitle( fieldTitle );
    context.executeQueryAsync(function () {

BUT ... I don't do SP Hosted Apps, execute this (as Bookmarklet) with an admin account

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