I'm new to SharePoint2013 Administration. I have SharePoint 2013 farm with 4 Web applications; one Web application is configured for FBA authentication. My question is: how can I configure FBA for another Web application in the same farm?

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It is easy for the 2nd web application.You already configure the FBA for farm as 1st web application is working fine (I am guessing).Now

  • You have to make changes in the Web.config of 2nd web application.(as you did for 1st web application.)
  • Update the Web application authentication from windows to FBA from central admin.
  • No need to update the Sts & central admin web.config as it is one time thing.
  • No need to configure the whole FBA pack as it is one time thing
  • Hi Waqas Sarwar, thanks for your answer, shall I use another Membership Provider and Role manager to the newly configured WebApplication? Jan 31, 2017 at 9:20

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