In a List library, in an item, I need to change the content type.

1.Will this be written as a new version?

  1. Will an older version be shown with the relevant content type?

  2. Will it preserve the values of the old content type?

Thank you

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When you change the content type of an item.

  • A new version is created.
  • In the version history you will see the entire history. It does not show the content type directly but I presume that it is because versions are maintained as "modifications in metadata". Content type being metadata too, is recorded in version history.
  • It does preserve the values of the old content type.


  1. I created a item in a list with 'Item' content type and got version 1 as expected.
  2. I then modified the content type to 'Task' and filled in the required metadata. The item got converted to version 2 as expected.
  3. I then tried restoring version 1, to my surprise everything changes back to the way it was except the content type

Hope this helps.

  • Not changing the content type is an issue: You have to save somewhere (field?) the content type, because different content types mean different metadata
    – XristosK
    Jan 30, 2017 at 21:21

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