My solution in SharePoint Hosted-Add-in.

I want to change default URL of NewForm.aspx with my custorm page through Visual Studio.. My custom page is in Pages/AddHoliday.html.

Can i do this directly in XML without SP destroyer(designer)?

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Thank you previously!


I followed the 3rd LINK suggested by @SureshBolineni and it worked! The key point is to change the deployment type of the new added page to ElementFile. Just Follow the guide step by step and you do it. Good luck!


Assuming you are using sharepoint online:

  1. In Office 365, I created a new site (not a personal site).
  2. I then opened the site in SharePoint Designer and imported the files into Site Pages.
  3. I renamed index.htm to index.aspx
  4. I right-clicked on index.aspx and set it as the home page.

This works for single html page sites.

For multi-page websites you will need to rename all html files to an extension of aspx and change your links to point to them appropriately.

Edit: I have confirmed personal sites work as well.

source: Is there a way to host static html using Office 365 sharepoint?

  • 1
    I want do this operation in XML(on level add-in), because, where i deploy my add-in settings is gone..
    – Goshky
    Jan 30 '17 at 12:59
  • have you tried making addholiday.html as the default page in the appmanifest file? This would work for a regular page but Im not sure for a newform. You also have to upload your html in the pages library
    – ranbo
    Jan 30 '17 at 13:04

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