I am having the following error being reported on a SharePoint 2016 install:

One or more categories are configured with Verbose trace logging.


The following categories are configured with verbose logging levels. This may adversely affect disk usage and performance. General

I tried fixing the problem by following the instructions found here (i.e. reset event throttling of diagnostic logging to default levels), but it does not seem to fix the problem. I wonder if this is a false positive, perhaps a bug in SP 2016?

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The instructions provided by Microsoft are not that clear.

The issue is that I had a custom solution, the Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) Pack, installed on SharePoint. By default this solution does verbose logging.

What I did was to expand all of the items in the list for logging and find out which one was set to do verbose logging. Then I selected the item in question, and THEN I changed the log level from verbose to INFORMATION.

All fixed :)

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