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Hello! I am new to sharepoint and I need to make my list look like the one in the photo I attached. How do I do that? I use SharePoint 2010.

  • Does your list have the correct columns setup, or are you trying to set this up as well? – Ornery Walrus Jan 30 '17 at 2:35
  • It has the correct columns setup. Thanks it's done :) – Harold Feb 1 '17 at 5:13

Follow below steps:

  • Navigate to the list and Open it
  • Go to List tab in ribbon
  • Click on List Settings
  • Go To Views section
  • Click on the view you want to modify
  • Go to Group By section and expand it
  • Select the specific column name you want to use to group by under "First group by the column:" section
  • If you want to do another level of group by you can select the column in another dropdown
  • Click OK
  • Navigate to the view and you have got the expected view

For explanation with screenshots refer this article

Note :

Grouping is available only for standard and Gantt view types.

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Please create new list view and select group by column as status from options.

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