I have created a custom Content Type called Design Review Document Set, with Document Set as its parent Content Type (and, as usual, Folder as the parent of Document Set). I added my new Design Review Document Set Content Type to a library, went to Library Settings, and... the Name column, which is required when adding a new item, is not in the Library Settings. Doesn't even show up.

Looking at the Content Type settings page, I can see that the Name column's source is the Folder content type, and its Type is "File".

I'm trying to figure out this missing column because I want to use it in a workflow. What I have found so far is that, for a Nintex workflow set to start when an item is modified, modifying the Name column does not start the workflow, which suggests that somehow the Name column is "outside" the library itself.

Can anyone shed some light on what's going on?


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