I have a list with a column [Employee Name].

[Employee Name] can have following possibilities:

For example:

  1. Aaron Hawkins
  2. Abdou Aziz Tebda
  3. Abdoul Kader Rasac Tiendrebegog

On all 3 cases i want to extract firstname, lastname and middlename and put it as lastname middlename firstname

So after change Above example should show up as:

  1. Hawkins Aaron
  2. Tebda Aziz Abdou
  3. Tiendrebegog Kader Rasac Abdoul

I was able to extract firstname using FIND and Left Funcation

as below

=Left([Employee Name],FIND(" ",[Employee Name]))

=Left(Aaron Hawkins,6) =Aaron

Now how do i extract lastname and middlename so that i can concatenate new values together to get desired result.

Thank You


First Name:

=LEFT([Employee Name],INT(FIND(" ",[Employee Name])-1))

Last Name:

=RIGHT([Employee Name],LEN([Employee Name])-INT(FIND(" ",[Employee Name],2)))

Middle Name:

=LEFT(RIGHT([Employee Name],INT(FIND(" ",[Employee Name])-1)),INT(FIND(" ",RIGHT([Employee Name],INT(FIND(" ",[Employee Name])-1)))-1))
  • Are the INT required? FIND returns a Number – Danny '365CSI' Engelman Jan 27 '17 at 16:59
  • After finding the index of a blank space, for getting the first name need to subtract 1 from the index so just for proper conversion it is used. – Divya Sharma Jan 28 '17 at 0:04
  • SharePoint is the most lenient application out there on Types. It does all those conversions for you; so "1" + 1 is 2 for SharePoint . So you can shorten all those formulas. "1+1" will output the String "1+1" and "1+1"+1 or INT("1+1") will output an error.. because even SharePoint can't make an Integer of "1+1" – Danny '365CSI' Engelman Jan 28 '17 at 9:10

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