I am working in SharePoint 2010.

Site Collection feature: SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure Activated

When I am creating a couple of new subsite with Team Site template.

Mostly new subsite created with default home page is Home.aspx (wiki Page) sitepages/home.aspx.

Sometimes new subsite created with default home page is the default.aspx (WebPart page) web page in the virtual root of the site.

What is the reason team site created with a default home page is default.aspx?

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home.aspx is present in the site pages library. Site pages library is created when you activate the Wiki home page feature which also updates the site welcome page to home.aspx.

So if this feature is not activated I think it will give you the default.aspx as home page.

Team Sites on SharePoint 2010 start with the "Wiki Home page" feature activated, which creates a Site Pages library and sets the Home.aspx as the default home page. So i dont think that is the issue here, could be something else at your end.

  • Yes, you correct some time "Wiki Page Home Page" feature not activating when creating the Team site, but sometimes it will get activated as expected. I need to check what is an issue with SP server. Feb 2, 2017 at 11:25

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