Here is the ask: I need a formula for SP that will calculate the 1st of the next month or 1st of the second depending on the number in column titled week number.

class end Date    week number     30 Day    
1/1/2017               1           2/1/17   
1/28/17                4          3/1/17

I was trying this formula but i get syntax error:

IF([Week Number]>=4,DATE((YEAR([Class End Date]),MONTH([Class End Date])+2,0)+1), (DATE(YEAR([Class End Date]),MONTH([Class End Date])+1,0)+1)
  • that is supposed to be 1/1/2017 with a week number of 1 and the calculated date is 2/1/17 ; then 1/28/17 with a week number of 4 and the calculated date is 3/1/17. – Randy K Jan 25 '17 at 21:48
  • The first thing I notice is that you're missing a parenthesis at the end to close out the IF statement. – Erin L Jan 25 '17 at 23:05

You have missing parentheses, extra parenthesis, and +1s that don't make any sense.

=IF([Week Number]>=4,DATE(YEAR([Class End Date]),MONTH([Class End Date])+2,1),DATE(YEAR([Class End Date]),MONTH([Class End Date])+1,1))

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