I have a library with 4 documents returned by a specific term (when using the search box at the top of the library).
But when I try to perform the same search on a webpart linked (by default) to the "Local SharePoint Results" source, I get only 2 results.

All these elements (documents) have a unique name.
What could be the issue?


Whenever you are seeing unexpected query results you should check:

  • Is Duplicate Trimming happeneing, turn it off in the web part.
  • Are the permissions getting in the way, try again with an account that has rights to the content
  • Has the content been crawled (this is not your case, but here for completeness)
  • Seems like it was the duplicate thing. Yet none of these documents seem duplicates. I'll ask my client about that. Thanks!
    – Kilazur
    Jan 25 '17 at 16:48

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