In InfoPath I retrieve a data from SQL view with 2000 records, to show a specific fields in the InfoPath form based on the current SharePoint site URL.

I face a performance issue to load all 2000 records when the form open.

I need to filter the data connection based on the current SharePoint site URL during configure SQL data connection in InfoPath. instead of retrieve 2000 record only retrieve a one filtered record!

How can this be done?

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Unfortunately, you can't set a filter during creating a SQL data connection in infopath.

you can only get the data then filter each field in your form with your criteria, In your case I think there is a function in InfoPath called SharePointURL() that you can filter with it, meanwhile, it will require binding all the data on load.

but there is a workaround to get filtered data by

  • Creating a web service that receives your data from your view.
  • Create a Web Service data source.
  • Set parameter for the Web Service function.
  • Do the Web Service Call
  • Set field values for each field from the web service data source.

You can check the detail steps with image at InfoPath and Web Service data connection

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    As I have mentioned in my answer, it's unfortunately not possible , and you can create a web service to connect your database and get the data based on the filter. please check the attached link to know how you can do that , Hope it helps you :) Jan 24, 2017 at 10:55

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