I am trying to "Create a list item" into another list which is in another site / subsite. Using the workflow "Create a list item", the list I need does not show in the selection. Is there a way to do this in SharePoint 2010?

  • what is your workflow trigger? On item creation or item changed? – Mike Jan 22 '17 at 2:24

In SharePoint 2013, you can call HTTP Web Service in SharePoint Designer workflows. but in Sharepoint 2010 based on my humble knowledge, there is no OOTB solution.

So you will need as a workaround to develop that by creating an event receiver on item added in the first list to add the list item to a specific list in a specific site.

Meanwhile, there are many solutions that require a license like plumsail that help you to create a list Item at Any Site via SharePoint Designer.

  • Thank you as usual M.Qassas! By the way are there any third party solutions that can do the same? We have Virto but I don't believe they have the workflow function. – Mike Rooker Jan 21 '17 at 8:12
  • you are welcome, regarding vitro I didn't use it before but I checked its features and not find this functionality at virtosoftware.com/sharepoint/… meanwhile I have mentioned plumsail as a third party tool you can check its feature from the above-attached link in my answer – Mohamed El-Qassas MVP Jan 21 '17 at 9:07

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