Using OOTB and SPD.

I have a workflow that assigns tasks. The tasks use a specific content type which has different task outcome choices. This part works fine. Within content types I would like to use a custom form.

  • In SPD, from the task list, I create a new ‘edit form’, associate it with the specific task list above, and basically make some fields in the aspx page read by replacing ‘edit’ with ‘display’. I add some helper text for usage clarity. Etc..
  • I place the path to the new form in the content type, ‘edit form’ location: /Lists/Tasks/CustomForm.aspx
  • This is ignored when the task is created. The default task ‘edit form’ is used. --> Why?

Kind regards, - max

Not sure what is going on. I wait 24 hours and everything works. Servers need to sync up or something??

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