I'm currently working on a document management system (SP 2010) and I have one last hurdle to get over before completion.

I have an Upload Link which is a hyperlink that opens a document library upload.aspx form. I'm adding a parameter in the URL called DocID. When the user clicks the Upload link, the standard upload.aspx form will open, the user will select the document, and click Ok. At this point the Edit.aspx form will open and allow for metadata to be entered. I'm trying to auto populate a field in the Edit form called DocID.

For some reason, the transition from the upload form to the edit form is causing the query parameter to be deleted/removed.

The Upload Link is: /Upload.aspx?DocID=3&List={8643ECCE-CAB9-4B8B-A003-093DE76B68E9}&RootFolder=

When you click Ok on the upload form, the edit form opens and the DocID=3 is completely missing.

The Edit form URL: /Forms/Edit.aspx?Mode=Upload&ID=5&RootFolder=foldername (No DocID=3 present)

When I add the DocID=3 into the Edit form URL and refresh the browser, the field is auto populating as it should.

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