A calculated field has been created within my Sharepoint library to show what items will be due for review within 21days of the current date. I understand the [Today] [Now] don't work too well within Sharepoint, and wondering if anyone can provide assistance. Current formula is

     AND( [Expiry Date]-NOW()>=0 , [Expiry Date]-NOW()<=21 )
     ,"Expiring Soon"

The return of the information is correct, but as the title advises, it doesn't refresh unless I go into the formula, copy and paste it back in and Save.


Because SharePoint is not Excel,

And Formulas are only re-calculated when an Item changes or when the Formula itself is changed.

How to use Today and Me in Calculated column


You have to use JSLink instead of Calculated field.

Reference link for use of JSLink in SharePoint: http://www.kaptyn.com/SharePoint/client-side-rendering-2013/

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