I am new to SharePoint and need some help and guidance on this issue.

The scenario: my company is running SharePoint online 2013 via an Office 365 Enterprise subscription. We currently have in-place a small internal intranet site collection. In this Intranet we have a sub-site called "Our Tools" that has document libraries, categories and folders in it. We have a need to setup a separate sub-site outside of "Our Tools" to store documents for hourly workers to access. Hourly workers will ONLY be allowed to access this sub-site that will be setup.

Question: The new hourly sub-site will have documents that are stored under the "Our Tools" sub-site. Is there a way to auto sync between these two sub-sites? Ideally I would like to only have the documents stored under the sub-site "our Tools" but somehow auto-synced to the hourly sub-site. This will ensure I do not have multiple copies of the same documents. Or is this doable by some other method; maybe by just publishing a link to the other sub-site?

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You can give access for single lists and even items. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Edit-permissions-for-a-list-or-library-02D770F3-59EB-4910-A608-5F84CC297782

Now that you've given the other users permissions they could view the files.

I would either:

  • Use the existing list for browsing the items.
    • You may have to give additional permissions on some ressources (masterpage catalog, style library, etc.) so the page can be viewed.
    • Add a Link to the List or better use an iframe with isdlg=1 as querystring parameter (will look way better)
  • Use a Content Search Webpart
  • Use Cross-Site-Publishing

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