how can I make a flip book in sharepoint 2013 is there any solution to upload in sharepoint or is there any jquery to use in page?


You can use a jquery plugin like Booklet or turnjs .


All jQuery solutions require you to add the jQuery library and do Scripting.

Plus, you need to add scripting to read the Items from a List or a Library.

Instead, you can go for the Flickity library from http://flickity.metafizzy.co/

It is not a jQuery plugin, so no need to load jQuery

and you can apply the effect without JavaScript coding, because it can be configured in HTML data-attributes


     <div class="main-carousel" data-flickity='{ "cellAlign": "left", "contain": true }'>

You do need to load the Flickity .js library (in the MasterPage, as UserCustomAction or JSLink) ofcourse

But after that your HTML skills could be all you need
(if your flipbook data is static HTML and does not have to be read from a Library)

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