I am trying to create external content type programmatically with SharePoint 2010. Here is the MSDN link which I am using for reference.

I have created a console application and put the same code as provided. But I am facing issue in below line:

// Make a new Contact LobSystem
            // NOTE: Assume that the "AdventureWorks" LobSystem 
            // does not already exist.
            LobSystem adventureWorksLobSystem = 
                "AdventureWorks", true, SystemType.Database);

I am not able to pass value of SystemType.Database. I am not able to find what could be the use of it as well as how can I pass that value. Can anyone tell me what should be the value and how to pass it?

Thanks in advance.

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You need to add reference of Microsoft.BusinessData.dll. Then add namespace Microsoft.BusinessData.MetadataModel. This will enable you to use access SystemType enum.You can use different values of this enum like SystemType.DataBase,SystemType.WebService,SystemType.Custom,SystemType.Wcf,SystemType.DotNetAssembly.Please refere this link for more details.Hope this will work for you.

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