I am reading through this post Upload a file to SharePoint through the built-in web services where upload is done in WSS. I am using SP 2010. Is there a piece of code already posted here that will add an item (via .net interface) using foundation web-services where content type is "XYX" as the target library has about 8 CT associated with it. (with metadata, using hashtable). I would hate to re-invent the wheel if someone already went through this scenario. I forgot about what account to use (like a service account) or user authentication.

How do I add an item with metadata to library for a specific content type using webservices in SP2010?


You'll need to populate the FieldInformation array. Using the code from the linked question, here is an example:

// Populated FieldInformation!
SharePoint2007CopyService.FieldInformation information = new 
information.DisplayName = "Content Type";
information.InternalName = "ContentType";
information.Type = FieldType.Choice;
information.Value = "XYZ";

SharePoint2007CopyService.FieldInformation[] info = { information };

I typed this using the references below.. haven't tested yet. :)

See also:

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